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Acorn & Squirrel Hair Claws |小松鼠與橡果實 髮夾

Acorn & Squirrel Hair Claws |小松鼠與橡果實 髮夾


Autumn is a season to be grateful for fruitful harvest,

The squirrel got the acorn,

Happiness and contentment are on its cute face.





Made of acetate plate and manufactured by export-grade quality factory. The glossy texture, round and solid touch, highlight how delicate the hairclips are. 

Small & compact size, healing & cute design, perfect for both adults and children.




  • |規格  Specifications |

    小松鼠 Squirrel /

    尺寸 Size : 長(H) 3 .5  x 寬(W) 3 cm

    重量 Weight: 5.5 g

    橡果實 Acorn /

    尺寸 Size :長(H) 3. x 寬 (W)2.5 cm

    重量 Weight:4.9 g







    為減少塑膠足跡,Cloudy Yujie 全店採無塑包裝。

  • |售後服務 After-sales service |

    If you have any questions about the product or the purchase process, you are welcome to contact us.

    If it is a product quality problem, we are happy to replace it for you;

    Thank you for your understanding. If the problem is not related to the product itself, returns exchanges are not accepted.

    Refund requests must be submitted within 7 days from the next day after receiving the item, and we will try our best to solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

    當您對商品或購買過程有任何問題,歡迎您與我們聯繫。若為商品質量問題,我們很樂意為您更換;也感謝您的理解,若非商品本身問題,恕不退換。退款申請須於收到商品後隔日起算 7 日內提出,我們會盡快為您解決問題。

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