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About Cloudy Yujie

Founded in 2022 by picture book writer Yujie Wu. Hope to create design products with positive energy to make you warm.

The original inspiration for Cloudy Yujie was an illustration created by Yujie Wu’s imagination, the theme is “a shop that sells something good”.

In order to realize the imagination, Yujie takes “positive” and “full of energy” as the direction of the brand’s creative development.

Products are endowed with good meaning and stories. Each item is combined with Yujie’s warm painting styles. Hope to make people feel hopeful, healed and supported.

The brand is also dedicated to bringing goodwill to the planet by initiating plans and campaigns.

2022 年由繪本作家 Yujie Wu 成立

希望自由又柔軟的以正向力量的設計商品 帶給大家溫暖

Cloudy Yujie 最初的靈感來源是 Yujie Wu 想像創作的一張插畫主題是『 一 家 賣 好 東 西 的 店 』。為了實現想像,Yujie 以正向的、有力量的作為發想設計的方向。 商品們被賦予著好的意義,也充滿故事。 每項商品更結合 Yujie 的溫暖畫風,希望讓人感到擁有希望的、治癒心 情的、被受支持的...


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Cloudy Yujie Something Good Shop

Hi, I am Yujie

Yujie Wu | 吳語緁

Hi, I am Yujie.

I'm an illustrator and a picture book writer from Taiwan.

I love to describe myself as cloud. Because I love trying different styles of illustration for different stories. Most of my art works are playful, joyful and warm. I love to write stories about the relationships between people and nature.


I believe I can do something right, something good in the way that I am good at and I love to do. I have a dream to spread warm feelings by creating more illustrations and projects.

Welcome to follow me and get to know more about me!:)


哈囉, 我是吳語緁,





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