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We Do Something Right And Warm
| 實現能帶來溫暖力量的好事情

When Cloudy Yujie was founded, the initiative was to realize the good things that Yujie imagined in her illustrations.

By creating kind and warmth-bringing campaigns, Yujie is trying to realize the pursuit of spiritual abundance and nature caring.

在 Cloudy Yujie 成立時,希望能實現原來只是 Yujie 在插畫裡想像出來的好事情。用善意的、帶來溫暖力量的各種計劃來實現追求心裡富足、關愛自然的宗旨。​

Plant a x'mas tree for our planet

Charity sale:hand-painted X'mas tree on handmade recycled paper

Every postcard purchase will plant five trees for the planet.





2022 年五月的母親節,專訪了五位同時身為媽媽的插畫家,和我們分享育兒與追夢故事,希望把這份溫暖的力量分享給有著夢想或是正在追夢的媽媽們。

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